male and female masturbate together

I’m sure many of us wonder if it’s really possible for two people to masturbate together.​ We can all agree that masturbation is such a personal and intimate activity, but could two people really make it work? That’s a question I asked myself a few years ago, when I stumbled across an article on the topic.​ Well, the answer is yes, it is possible and it is actually really enjoyable! In fact, it is quickly becoming something couples do together in order to add more spice to their bedroom activities.​

At first, I was a little hesitant.​ I mean how awkward can it get? But my curiosity eventually won over and I finally agreed to try it with my partner.​ We touched each other self-consciously at first, not sure what to do and unsure of the rules when it comes to masturbating with someone else.​ I discovered that it was really fun and incredibly intimate.​ We would take turns, watching each other and being encouraged and inspired by our partner.​ We knew that we could pause, laugh, or start again anytime.​

The experience was so liberating.​ We were both so comfortable in our own skin.​ We were free to enjoy ourselves and take pleasure in each other’s bodies.​ Even though we weren’t engaging in sexual intercourse, it felt incredibly intimate and we both felt very connected.​

My partner and I quickly discovered new and exciting techniques, and were inspired to experiment with a variety of ideas.​ We became more adventurous, exploring with different positions and locations.​ We read articles and enjoyed different videos for ideas.​ We even tried masturbation in places outside of the bedroom, which was incredibly exciting and liberating.​

It was a completely intense and rewarding experience.​ Our bodies responded to different touches, we communicated with our hands, our fingers explored each other’s sensitive parts and gave us both pleasure.​ The feelings were incredible and unique.​ As our fantasies heightened, our levels of arousal increased and the pleasure was intense.​ We could take our time and explore what worked for each of us.​

The pleasure we took from mutual masturbation increased over time and our techniques became more varied.​ We were never struggling to find ways to make it enjoyable and pleasurable.​ We found it relatively easy to get our wishes through, and we experimented with a few variations from time to time.​

We also discovered that talking about mutual masturbation allowed us to release our inhibitions and explore our own sexuality.​ One of the most enjoyable parts of it was the freedom to explore and to customize our experience.​ We began to notice the changes in our bodies and vibrators minds when participating in mutual masturbation.​ We realized that we could create amazing and intimate moments with an understanding of how each of our bodies responded.​

Our mutual masturbation moments generally ended with an incredible, deep sexual chemistry that left us both exhausted and satisfied.​ We loved the shared pleasure and the incredible connection that we nurtured throughout our experience.​ It was an incredible way to express our love and appreciation for each other.​

We found that mutual masturbation was something that allowed us to experiment with different levels of pleasure.​ We were free to explore different sensations and use tactile techniques to heighten our responses.​ We started to get creative when it came to finding ways to get the most out of mutual masturbation.​ We would both get more creative and more enthusiastic as we explored the possibilities and found ways to make it more exciting.​

We began to spend more time experimenting with mutual masturbation and use it as a way to get to know each other’s body and mind better.​ We found that we could focus on stimulation, teasing, and other creative aspects of mutual masturbation.​ We also developed a deeper connection as we built trust and understanding.​

We realized that mutual masturbation allowed us to experience pleasure together in an entirely different way.​ We could both enjoy individual pleasure, as well as pleasure together.​ It gave us the opportunity to explore each others fantasies and desires without inhibition.​ We both enjoyed the sense of connection and intimacy that we experienced as we shared mutual masturbation experiences.​

New arrival Japanese life sex dolls, adult products for men, silicone breasts and vagina, sex ...We found that mutual masturbation was a fantastic way to show how much we care for each other.​ We started to make it a priority to incorporate it into our sex dolls life as often as possible.​ Mutual masturbation has been an essential part of our relationship ever since.​ It has enhanced our sex life and has brought us closer together.​