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Going to get a massage used to feel a bit before, well, let’s say I felt a bit weird about it.​ But once I got up the courage to try it, I’m never turning back.​ I used to feel the same way about male massage masturbation, but it turns out, it’s the greatest relief anyone could ever ask for.​

I remember the first time I tried it, the masseur was talking me through it and he said that it’s actually a very popular form of self pleasure and it’s actually good for you.​ As I was doing the massage, I just had this fresh wave of relaxation and tension relief wash over me.​ All the knots in my abdomen just seemed to melt away and I felt like my whole body was revitalised.​

It turns out, male massage masturbation is a great way to keep your pelvic floor muscles tight and strong, dildos while still allowing for total relaxation down there.​ Plus, it’s a way to get really in touch with yourself, and exploring what feels amazing for you.​

It’s funny, when I first heard about massage masturbation, there was a certain stigma that felt attached to it.​ I was worried about what people might think, or that I’d be laughed at for doing something so pleasurable- but then I got over all that and realised it was actually a really incredible and powerful form of self-care.​

I now make sure I get in a massage masturbation session once a week, and I’m just so thankful for the peace it brings me.​ It’s a wonderful way for me to relax and adjust my body accordingly.​ I know that others may not be as comfortable, but for me, it’s a great outlet and a chance to truly take care of myself.​

Walking away after a massage masturbation session is probably one of the best feelings ever.​ All my muscles feel refreshed and rejuvenated and my head is clearer than it’s been for a while.​ I can tell that it’s done wonders for me, just on a physical and mental level.​

And I know I’m taking advantage of the physical and dildos psychological benefits, as well as spending some time being kind to myself.​ I’m really taking the time to explore what pleasure looks like, and it’s totally changed the way that I approach pleasure now.​ I’m really thankful for the freedom to explore that massage masturbation gives me.​