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5.5 Inch Jelly Stroke Sleeve Clear

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Men, are you looking for a new way to bring yourself to orgasm? This pliable, 5.5 inches, Thermoplastic Elastomers&nbsp; jelly, Stroke Sleeve gives you that extra handy sensation you need for your erotic release. It is just waiting for you to add some lube and let its teasing ticklers, slightly ribbed walls give you feelings that just can not be beat! And it is transparent, so you can watch as your cock in action! Both ends are open for easy use and clean up. <br /><br />This Stroke Sleeve can be used solo or have your partner do it for you, it is a great turn on and that added naughtiness will just assist in you performing like the stud you are. Easy to clean, just use toy cleaner or soap and water before and after use and you will pop your top every time!

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