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Tush Eze Gel 1.5 Oz (bulk)

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Tush Eze Gel 1.5 ounces Bulk without retail packaging, bulk from Claifornia Exotic Novelties. Relax and enhance your anal satisfaction pleasure with the Tush Eze Gel. The smooth and slick gel is designed to extend anal exploration and probing enjoyment and is suitable for use with erotic toys and anal probes. The refreshing, desensitizing gel is unscented and delivers maximum strength benefits. Use fingertip application to lubricate the rear love passage before indulging in sensual anal pleasure with your lover. The sensual gel enhances the pleasure of erotic anal play and anus penetration by eliminating any discomfort during anal intercourse. The gel provides even coverage and ultimate sensitivity protection. Apply the high potency formula and desensitize your tush. Once the effects of the gel kick in you can indulge in unlimited hard and fast love action. The easy to use gel is suitable for first time and experienced users, and makes a great addition to an exotic toy collection. Before indulging in secret erotic fantasy play, apply this gel to enhance your anal stimulation and probing experience. The gel is supplied in a handy 1.5 fluid ounces size tube for direct application and easy use. The portable, travel sized tube is ideal for anal intercourse wherever you go. Apply a thin layer of soothing gel to the anus and get ready for a mind blowing encounter. The gel can be used for sensual seduction with your lover, and for experimental play with beaded anal probes and penetrative stimulators. Anorectal. Potent formula. Desensitizes. Unscented. Smooth and slick. 7.5% Benzocaine. Made in the USA.

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